I think my love for music started at the age of two whilst continuously banging random notes on the family piano at top volume. My parents decided to refine this raw talent and enrolled me in classical piano lessons when I was eight years old, probably just to keep their own sanity. I wrote my first classical piano song at age 10.

School was a very traumatic experience for me, and I never really seemed to fit in anywhere. Being alone all the time made me turn my experiences into poems and lyrics, I developed a love for words and hiding how I felt in lyrical riddles. For some reason these lyrics never turned into actual songs with instruments and a melody, but it was therapeutic and helped me cope with being an awkward teenager.

I’ve always loved being on stage and participated in school plays and drama competitions growing up. When I stepped on stage I could become someone else and play a character full heartedly, it meant that I could escape from my own troubled childhood. I was really good at it and had fantasies of becoming a Hollywood actress, but in reality it was more difficult than anticipated for a South African to go to Hollywood.

The first CD I ever bought was Metallica’s Load, I admired the lyrical intrigues and heavy guitar intros. For some reason powerful guitars mixed with meaningful stories have always appealed to me, which is probably why I try to do the same with our songs. I listened to all kinds of music. I especially appreciated Metallica, Korn and Live, but to this day I can enjoy classical music, pop, metal and even folk. Lyrics and a good vocal line or catchy instrumentals draw me into a song, which means I can enjoy good music of many genres. In short I love music.

For as long as I could remember I’ve always wanted to sing, but unlike most I didn’t start at the age of three. I never thought that I was any good, as I never even made it into the high school choir.  The only reason I started to seriously consider singing as a career was because Pieter insisted after hearing me sing along to an Evanescence record in the car. I still wonder what on earth he was thinking, because I really sucked back then.

As for training, I started vocal lessons with a vocal coach in London shortly after moving to the UK in 2009, which took my singing to a whole new level.

Being part of Neverstar has challenged me in ways I never thought possible, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Pieter and I both challenge and complement each other as a song writing team, always striving to be better. As a band the four of us has become a tight knit family - or so I’d like to think - each of us with our own uniqueness makes Neverstar a good mix of friends and band mates.


Nightwish, Evanescence, Metallica, HIM and...


Live: AKG WMS 450 C5 Wireless
Studio: Rhode K2


Centurion, South Africa

Twitter @NeverstarMusic

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