Happy 2012

Written by Neverstar.

The Neverstar team is happy to be back and kicking after a short break over the festive period. We are quite pleased that this year is off to a really good start.

As you may be aware we are currently in the process of recording our debut album at The Parlour Studios in Northampton with producer Neil Haynes.

Thus far, our recording session is slightly ahead of schedule as Leigh and Pieter nailed the drum and guitar parts fairly quickly. We’ve asked the gents to give us a short write-up of each of their sessions, so we should have more info and photos for you in the next few days. From experience, this might take slightly longer than expected, but we’ll keep reminding them.

The new album is taking shape and is sounding pretty solid. Musically we've evolved and are really coming into our own. We don’t want to give away too much at this point, but this release will also include a music video or two for your enjoyment.

We’re wishing all our friends a happy new year and a prosperous 2012. You can expect big things from us this year, as we hope to keep you all entertained throughout. We’d also like to thank you for your support during 2011 as you’ve helped us turn it into a memorable year in Neverstar history.

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